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Manufacturer: Dell


Dell Technical Details

  • Intel P4-M-1.8Mhz
  • 256
  • 20 gb hd
  • 56K Modem
  • LAN

About Dell

Great performance is one of the greatest advantages that Dell Latitude C640 PC provides. The laptop works quietly and fast. It boots up in several minutes and ready for work.

Dell keyboard is very sensitive and it is a real pleasure to work on it. It is very easy to type on this keyboard and those people who edit a lot of documents will be really to find out about this advantage. The Dell battery included with the laptop has a good battery life of 3 hours, and sometimes it runs a little but long. The laptop

Only one slot is integrated in the model of a Dell laptop both for the CD drive and Floppy disk. The touchpad is very convenient, those who do not like using mouse will be really happy because Dell touchpad is really great. The 1.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor is really fast and allows Dell laptop performing really quickly.

It is possible to use two batteries one at a time. It is really great especially for travelers and businessmen. The wireless connection is possible because of the 8011b/g. Connecting to the Internet is quick. Despite the back-grey color of the laptop, it looks really stylishly.

If you have never tried Dell laptops, you should purchase and make sure that the quality is really great.