Dell laptop reviews and prices

Dell M1330 Dell M1330

DisplaySize: 13.3 inches
Processor: 1.5 unknown-units
Memory: 2 GB
HardDiskSize: 120 GB
Weight: 430 hundredths-pounds


Dell laptops are famous in the whole world. They are very popular among everyone who uses laptops. Dell laptops have won respect among many people. If you are looking for a laptop, then this Dell laptop is exactly what you need for work and pleasure...

from $799.00
DisplaySize: 14.1 unknown-units
Memory: 512 unknown-units
HardDiskSize: 20 unknown-units

Dell Latitude C640 Dell Latitude C640

The Dell Latitude C640 is considered another masterpieces produced by Dell company. This model really has one of the best features laptop users need: good 3-hour battery life, speed, portability, excellent screen and good processor.The Dell laptop boots...

from $649.00
HardDiskSize: 20 GB

Dell DELLC60-10 Dell DELLC60-10

Dell's Latitude C600 has everything you would expect from a high-end notebook these days. The machine has a Pentium III/850 SpeedStep processor, 128Mb of SDRAM, a 10Gb UltraDMA/66 hard disk and 8Mb of 3D-accelerated ATi graphics. These features make this...

from $899.00
HardDiskSize: 20 GB

Dell d600 Dell d600

Dell Latitude D600 is composed only of advantageous features: strong performance; good battery; bright display; comfortable keyboard; lightweight; great design.In comparison with laptops of C series, D series laptops are much better judging by the design...

from $799.00
Processor: 1.8 unknown-units
Memory: 512 MB
HardDiskSize: 40 GB

Dell Dell

Respectable performance, light weight, stylish design, DVD+RW drive, fast connection thanks to 802.11b/g wireless are the advantages of the Dell laptop. Dell company is famous for quality products and quite low prices.Pentium M 1500MHz is more than enough...

from $759.00
Processor: 1500 MHz
Memory: 512 MB
HardDiskSize: 40 GB

Dell Dell

Dell is one of the most famous producers of laptop. The Dell Latitude D600 laptop has presented a portable, powerful stylish laptop.Concerning Dell’s keyboard and touchpad it is possible to say only one thing – great. Quiet typing and comfortable keys...

from $609.00
Processor: 1600 MHz
Memory: 1024 MB
HardDiskSize: 40 GB

Dell C640 Dell C640

Looking for some lightweight, portable laptop to carry around with you? Dell company laptops offer the best convenience. All Dell laptops feature Windows Vista or XP with the outstanding performance of operating systems. Dell Latitude C640 laptop has a...

from $1,245.00
DisplaySize: 14 inches
Processor: 1.8 unknown-units
Memory: 256 MB
HardDiskSize: 30 GB

Dell D600 Dell D600

The Dell Latitude D600 laptop is very fast and powerful enough to run most any program available. The powerful Pentium M processor runs fast and cool. Dell laptop is very user friendly and it is very easy to use.The Dell Latitude D600 comes with internal...

from $999.00

Dell Dell

Great performance is one of the greatest advantages that Dell Latitude C640 PC provides. The laptop works quietly and fast. It boots up in several minutes and ready for work.Dell keyboard is very sensitive and it is a real pleasure to work on it. It is...

from $800.00