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Manufacturer: Dell Computers
Processor Options: 1600 MHz Intel Pentium M
System Memory: 1024 MB DRAM
Hard Disk Capacity: 40 GB


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About Dell

Dell is one of the most famous producers of laptop. The Dell Latitude D600 laptop has presented a portable, powerful stylish laptop.

Concerning Dell’s keyboard and touchpad it is possible to say only one thing – great. Quiet typing and comfortable keys are absolutely fantastic and everyone will definitely like it. The laptop’s audio system is standard, but it produces wonderful sound so you can enjoy listening to your favorite music and watch your favorite movies on this laptop.

Dell laptop has a powerful processor that provides an opportunity to handle multitasks. 1.60GHz Pentium M processor is a really nice and powerful processor. The laptop boots up quickly and you can start working in several minutes. The Dell laptop never becomes very hot, so you can work for quite a long period of time without a fear that this laptop will become hot.

Dell’s display is great and colors are very clean and bright. Watching movies and working on this laptop is a real pleasure. Dell Latitude D600 has 14.1 inches display. Because of its lightweight it can be taken anywhere and easily transported around the house. The battery works very and long hours. It is perfect for work.

The Dell laptop has a specious 40GB hard drive disk allowing customers to store everything they want.


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