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Dell C640

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Where I? This page describe about Dell C640 laptop. You can see review, related models, specs. You can find parts and C640 drivers.

Manufacturer: Dell Computers
Model: C640
Screen Size: 14 inches
Processor Options: 1.8 unknown-units Intel Pentium 4
System Memory: 256 MB DDR SDRAM
Hard Disk Capacity: 30 GB


Dell C640 Technical Details

  • 512MB
  • 30GB

About Dell C640

Looking for some lightweight, portable laptop to carry around with you? Dell company laptops offer the best convenience. All Dell laptops feature Windows Vista or XP with the outstanding performance of operating systems. Dell Latitude C640 laptop has a Windows XP operating system that works absolutely great. Unlike Dell laptops, Sony laptops have integrated Windows Vista operating system and many customers do not like Vista.

Dell company has designed Dell Latitude C640 laptop in order to meet the special needs of every customer. Dell keyboard have great keys, it is really pleasant to work on this laptop. Quiet typing on the laptop is possible because of the keys placement on the keyboard.

Millions of people who have purchased Dell laptops are very satisfied, because it is one of the most popular brands on the market and it really combines all the best features in one laptop. The highest performance of the Dell laptop is possible because of the powerful processor 1.8 unknown-units Intel Pentium 4.

The laptop boots up very quickly and you can start working in several minutes. It is absolutely fantastic when you need to check email quickly, or compose and send a business letter. Dell display is ready to present marvelous colors. The Dell screen is 14.1 inches. Buy Dell laptop in order to satisfy all your needs.


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