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Manufacturer: Dell Computers
Processor Options: 1500 MHz Intel Pentium M
System Memory: 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Disk Capacity: 40 GB


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Respectable performance, light weight, stylish design, DVD+RW drive, fast connection thanks to 802.11b/g wireless are the advantages of the Dell laptop. Dell company is famous for quality products and quite low prices.

Pentium M 1500MHz is more than enough to handle most of business application and tasks. So, Dell laptop is a perfect machine for every day work. If you are need a stable and fast Internet connection every day, then Dell laptop D 600 is exactly what you need for multitasking. Besides, typing on Dell’s keyboard is a real pleasure, the keys are placed nicely. The Dell’s touchpad is also very comfortable for usage. But many customers prefer using mouse.

Enjoy watching your favorite movies on this wonderful Dell’s display. You will be amazed by clear and wonderful colors. Dell offers 14.1 inches screen. If you are music fan than you will be especially happy to find out that this model of a laptop has great audio system. The sound is fantastic.

A 40 GB hard drive disk is really specious for everything you need to store on the laptop. If you travel a lot then it will not be a problem to take this Dell laptop everywhere you go. Just put the laptop in it case and take it with you on vacation or business trip. Dell Latitude D 600 is not heavy at all.


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